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I have a BA in Drama from San Francisco State University - Class of  1973  (Yes I’m old)...


For the first fifty years of my theatre life, I was a character actor – never a leading man.  About five years ago, I decided to try writing a play.  Much to my surprise and pleasure, I found that all of those years as an actor had developed my ear for dialogue.  My first play, Life Cycles, was selected by PowPac Theatre as their first World Premier in their 32 year history.  The play had a successful run and I was off and running as a playwright.  My next play The Brothers Lipschitz is a warped farce that had its World Premier at the Broadway Theatre in Vista.  The play had wonderful audience reactions and we were asked to reprise it at Swedenborg Hall in San Diego it in June of 2014.  I have also written a dark drama titled The Bridge that has had one stage reading and is scheduled for another reading as part of the Poolhouse Project in May 2015.  I am also submitting it to theatres around the country.  My latest play is MINA'S REVOLUTION based on the book by Mehrnoosh Mazarei.  


As far as my writing process, I am probably different from most other writers.  I don’t have an outline and have no idea where the story is headed until I write it.  I just write as fast as I can and, if I don’t like it, that is why there is a delete key.  I believe writers should write more and don’t overthink the process.

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