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WESTERN UNION ASSASSIN is a black comedy dealing with the frustrating politics of today.  The main character is an example  of the average American dealing with governmental gridlock and the misinformation prevalent in the 24 hour news cycle.


This new play  was chosen as part of San Diego's Prestigious SCRIPTEASERS for their reading series in early 2016.  







THE BRIDGE has had two play readings since it was written in 2011.


The play takes place entirely on an old rural bridge in present time. A series of characters all have life changing events on the bridge. During the course of the play, all of these characters interact in each other’s stories. The play has adult themes dealing with suicide, death, lost chances, and hopes for a better ending. The characters' hopes and dreams are tied to this old bridge at the end of its usefulness. The bridge’s survival and their survival are intertwined.


MANNEQUINS was one of the winners of CYGNET THEATRE'S National Playwrights in Process Competition in 2014.  


Life is more interesting if it’s not what it seems to be. Fade in on a successful actor trying to read a hot new film script. Phone calls, delusional friends, and a hunky burglar disrupt his plans…as the mannequins watch.




LIFE CYCLES had its world premiere June 2011 at POWPAC Theater in San Diego to excellent reviews.  The inaugural production was directed by Grant Gelvin and starred George Colson, Kent Gandola, Tony Bejarano, Rachel Bishop, and Deborah Zimmer.  

Life Cycles is performed by 5 actors playing 32 roles dealing with life cycles such as birth, death, divorce, generational conflict, unemployment, marriage, and dating in the modern world...



The BROTHERS LIPSCHITZ  had its World Premiere in November 2013 at the Broadway Theater in Vista California.  It had its San Diego Premiere at Different Stages in June 2014.  Both productions were directed by Jim Clevenger and starred Paul-David Halem, Jim Clevenger, Renee Gandola, and Karen Schooley...The story is a much darker version of an "Odd Couple"...with twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing until the very end!

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